Introducing Our new fresh from the oven adds to the line of Signature Bread - Japanese Style Soft Eggless Milk Bread. Crafted with Love and all-natural ingredients (Free from Preservatives and artificial color and flavors). Sure to be your Kids favorite and as well as yours...

Our bread is prepared using stone-ground whole wheat flour made from locally sourced organic wheat. Our wholesome range of bread includes:

Vegan Whole Wheat Bread * Vegan Olive Rosemary with Roasted Garlic Bread * Vegan Turmeric & Pumpkin Seed Bread * Vegan Regular White Bread * Vegan Multi-Seed Wheat Bread * Farro WHEAT Bread * Vegan Whole Wheat Burger Bun * Vegan Regular White Burger Bun * Vegan Sweet Bun * Eggless Japanese Style Soft Milk Bread

Baked with All Natural Ingredients & Organic Wheat Flour. (No Eggs, Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives)

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